Experience the luxury of high-end sustainable fashion with Junkan. Designed for functionality and crafted for longevity, our garments aren’t just clothing – they’re a statement for a better world.

Our Offerings

#01 Rent

Effortless Elegance On-the-Go

Heading out for a thrilling weekend hike? Or simply want to travel light without lugging around excessive baggage? Bring only what’s essential and let Junkan elevate your wardrobe. Whether it’s for an extreme adventure or a casual day out, we’ve got you covered with our curated collection of sustainable wear.

#02 Repair

Extend, Don’t End

Most textile repurposing involves tearing them apart for a new lease on life, but at Junkan, we see things differently. Instead of taking them apart, we breathe new life into our garments. Our meticulous cleaning and repair processes ensure that each piece retains its original charm and serves you for years.

In partnership with Furushima repair services, we ensure your garments remain in prime condition.

#03 Reuse

Durability Meets Sustainability

At Junkan, we believe in creating garments that last, not just in style but also in wear. Our innovative processes, powered by Coveross technologies, imbue our pieces with features that not only prolong their life but also enhance their functionality.

We are gradually launching our services throughout the year 2024. Don’t forget to revisit and discover what’s new!

Embark on a Sustainable Journey

Reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through.